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the face, and erythema multiforme. On examination of the blood,
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procedure, but it is fraught with the greatest danger to the
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cerebrospinal meningitis, diphtheria and croup, diarrheal
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when it is brought to the point where it is intended to fasten it,
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Postal cards bearing the portrait of the late Professor Vir-
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many of these instruments. SuUlce it to say that all obtainable
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of the valve itself, for it must be remembered that
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By J. W. H. Eyre, M.D., M.S., F.R.S. (Edin.). Illustrated.
have been In the habit of asking the student to listen
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J. S. Billings (Nezv York Medical Journal, April 18, 1903)
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number of cases of rupture of the appendix in which closure
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