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gist of the Boston Board of Health, on the value of formalin in-
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I.auenstein. Centrbl. f. Chir.. 1899, No. 20, p. 793.
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ing of the arm extends from the shoulder to the elbow,
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point of eminence which it had never before attained.
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which, he states, has been so successful that he has failed to find
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steadily rising temperature that failed to respond to quinine and
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legislator's insight has detected the true principle,
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two inches below the knee. These patches were clearly demar-
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dog's collar. From a packet marked with a red cross, and which
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orrhage, not because it, acts on the circulation or
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When a case of diphtheria occurs in a hospital the other children
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There is increased toxicity of the stomach contents in the pres-
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a tube has been displaced a few times it is often difficult to
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growing acerola cherry trees
and, except in cases where the presumably roughened
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cology of the British Empire, January, 1903) report a case of

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