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pressing their opinion with considerable conviction. It appears

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best scientific talent can be obtained for the various positions in

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Adjunct Professor of Obstetrics and Professor of Clinical Gynecology,

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cases. The condition is this : the hemoptysis is the signal for

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without fatal results when two rules are observed — care in admin-

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E. J. Grow, passed assistant surgeon. Commissioned a

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neal cavity, as adhesions had been broken up. Wound

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he advised the patient's removal to a hospital. There

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Those of the Massachusetts cities were estimated upon the rate

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The operator must be one skilled in the use of .r-ray apparatus.

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slight chilliness, moderately high fever, excessive

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combination, figure lower in the death list than in

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At the first annual meeting of medical editors in New Orleans

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these cities, with a population of about 9,750,000,

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rate of this class of persons in the city or in the

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in the possibilities of the work he has undertaken,

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children are extremely few in number. In the opinion of the

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