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to us, therefore, on looking over the records, that
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the editorship of the Practitioner after eight years' incumbency,
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ington, D. C, June 2, 3 and 4. The twenty-seventh annual
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only two or three small spots, and then not until after the
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There is generally lordosis, the pelvis is near the
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habitual dislocation of the patella by suturing the
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ence has shown me that by the methods just suggested
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months does not know actually as much as the pig or the lamb at
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the tissues included in the sutures in the lower angle of the wound
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that any great stress is to be laid upon the partic-
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(4) That the only preservative to be used in butter
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distalward in the right iliac fossa and lesser pelvis. The patient
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" rheumatism." In his own words: " As well as I can
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text book of practical therapeutics, 681; Head, G. P.', the practical medi-
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sciousness, a unilateral numbness or weakness, vertigo, etc.
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port 1 each. From erysipelas, New York 4. From small-
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LaGrange, J. V., senior pharmacist. Granted leave of
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and pain diminished. Immediately right eyelid began
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expired, and Dr. Warren gave the history somewhat as
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yond the general practitioner's reach in a curative
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6. G. Paul. Ueber einige Fortschritte in der Gewinnung des
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and ovaries the normal condition of the parts is rarely restored.
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by the fact that a large proportion of cataracts are non-progres-
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16. How did Eryximachus treat the hiccough of Aris-
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of the Cerebrum of the Representation of Movements and
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then no complaint excepl when lifted. No treatment.
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writer is in favor of incising the abdomen as nearly as
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order that the cells may all come freely in contact
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And even in states requiring an examination of all,
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larities appear, especially if accompanied by infil-

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