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J. M. Brister, assistant surgeon. Detached from duty
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pingitis, the liability of leaving pieces of the tube
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Dermatology, Diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat,
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nishings, drugs, instruments, etc., to the value of $300, in
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from the heart; there are 5 of these in the heart, that
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only sixty cases of spontaneous fracture of stone in the bladder
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tion : (1) Pelvic abscess. (2) Pyosalpinx and ovarian abscess
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dishes such as souffles, simple puddings, also jellies, lemonade,
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amount was estimated to be at least 480 cubic centimeters. Upon
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denly gave up all his boyish pursuits and pleasures, such as hunt-
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year it seemed to him worth while- to report briefly
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of surgery, and in all that pertains to the surgical
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waist. In August, 1901, Dr. F. A. Stephens of Belmond,
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ance of blood in the urine since the operation. I do
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exemption for any child, without regard to its con-
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4 Report of Roval Commission, England, 1897, Final Report,
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concerned in the etiology, but makes no special ref-
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was able to judge of the merits of the different opera-
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