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Schools. Contagious eye diseases in school children, 165; the lower limit
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On Oct. 23 the patient had a convulsion which lasted
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where the supply of light was very defective. Their ages were
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of absence for twenty-eight days from Sept. 5. Sept. 10,
main task is to excite and stimulate such a spirit in
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with an estimated population of 14,862,909, for the week
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diseases. He insists also that recent experience in field surgery has -demon-
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be employed, and the operation is a more serious one. It is dis-
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and thicker, and in old cultures assumes distinct branching forms.
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eye, particularly into the conjunctival tissue, constitute a more
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for 1 day before delivei-y, and post-partum, requiring
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well until four years previously when he had an attack
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the leg in thigh 50° or 60°, a small patella could
The plantar reflex presented even more variations from the
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fered the only possible hope of relief. Permission for
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subjected to exhaustive experimental study gave bacilli resem-
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alcohol will depress the mental power, as indicated

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