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garded by the best authorities as derived from fetal
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Students and Practitioners of Medicine. By L. Emmett
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can Laryngological Association, St. Louis, 18H2, i, 297.
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mitted on the surgical side, under Dr. Harrington's
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was not thought advisable lest some venous thrombus
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der, in color reminding one of an old bruise. On the
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age of the records for these three divisions of the
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final triumph of scientific medicine will have been attained when,
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right side. The patient drags the left foot slightly in walking,
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Db. Durgin: I will say, that, as far as my observa-
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1. The mortality on the north side of any street in the district
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abdominal inspections, he will be surprised how frequently the
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are desired, as in drainage of the gall-bladder. (6) When
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At a meeting of the board of estimate, held .June 0,
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lubiprostone (amitiza) is unique and is classified as
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mucosa and muscle layers, is deeply infiltrated with
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additional reason why scientific papers often bore, is
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That the acoustics of Paul Revere Hall are bad; that
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from that of definite knowledge. His learning was that
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John Milton Brewster, M.D., M.M.S.S., died Oct. 15.
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sium permanganate solution of 1 : 10,000 to 1 :8ooo, or a silver
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Fall River 4. From measles New York 4, Chicago, Balti-
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It is mechanically more efficient than the original
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it boiled very hard I only had a trace of albumin ;
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In conclusion I would say that, while undoubtedly many
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It is doubtful if much more can be accomplished, un-
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cipal infectious diseases (smallpox, measles, scarlet fever,
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decorated with honors and titles. He is the son of a physician at
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a year, and that five were eventually cured. The only efficacious
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that the total number of pilgrims of all nationalities
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ish end, but solely bent in the interest of science, we
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tion of other disea es than those which are infectious, 500; radical
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inal examination distinctly referred the trouble to
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