Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme

each day. An unfavorable case for operation. Supra-

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nosis of syphilis in women is hard : first, the conformation of

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to the epicardium, across a space that is such only

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The German Society of Physicians and Naturalists will hold

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use of sizes too small will jeopardize the firmness

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phagocytes were seen, and also many pigment cells, especially in

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was assistant physician at the institutions on Ward's

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— Between Sept. 21 and Sept. 28, 1902, the Association of

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Schwackmann subarachnoidal injection method is still in its

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been found and evacuated. Its exact position was be-

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bladder, including vesical neck and trigone, greatly

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lens, as in other tissues, in all old people; but if these are uniform

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154; a case of wandering spleen packed in the pelvis complicated by ty-

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assaults. Besides pain, man is vexed by an army of strange sen-

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getic measures frequently suffice to control the inflammation

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condemn. Let them contemplate the untold blessings likely to

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attack. During an attack of acute inflammatory glaucoma the

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under the influence of the anesthetic for hours, chloroform is of

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rect line of work which boards of health should under-

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child is usually bad unless the septum is incised early, or unless it

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carbolic acid lessens the pain of the nitric acid application. A

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transitional cases connecting together Banti's disease, splenic

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tion. But are we not instructed that an atom of matter is not

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risk of carrying infection to the cellular tissue be-

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extension of leave of absence from Oct. 25. Oct. 29, 1902.

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with matters relating to the meetings, I venture to

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is due to the geologic positions of the blond races. They are

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