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On the 17th of December, 1901, the writer saw and ex-

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true; but the reason therefor, or the incentive thereto, is not

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left pupil was smaller than the right, but both reacted normally

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Case XCVII. Penetration of pus. below diaphragm. —

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ditis in eight cases, doubtful in four cases and no

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' R. W. Lovett : Transactions of the American Orthopedic Asso-

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possible introduction of the bubonic plague into the United States,

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persons who are in absolute ignorance of the nature of the

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Daniel E. Hughes, M.D., died Oct. 28, in Philadelphia.

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sand persons attacked, and the liability to attack,

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fession has nothing to offer to the victim of cataract? In a

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examples, in a comparatively new field, of the importance of toxins

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splitting up of chloral into chloroform in the liv-

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rhea of a dyspeptic origin, and have pointed out the probability

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not only the effects of disease itself, but the spread

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17, 1903), may be classified with reference to its etiology as

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for which the process of disinfection is conducted.

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are told to choose European treatment. As many as 400 cases

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physical and psychical decay, are most frequently the direct result

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I'M,, in. C.B.; tKicinj; uixl photograph before treatment.

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lowed by a painful affection of the cervical spine.

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of an inch at the upper part to three-quarters of an inch at the

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Microscopic Examination. — In this case the cord and

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