Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme

which will be given by those who are specially trained

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nationality appears to be entirely exempt, though few cases of

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for Those Preparing for the Higher Examinations. By

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inst., at 10 a.m., in the matter of Chapter 126, Re-

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ternal affairs are concerned, are quite independent

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the publication, subscription or advertising department of this

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some cerebral disease, and the remaining case to some condition

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marks: Illustrates influence of cystocele in prolonging

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Tyson, J. Appendicitis from a physician's standpoint, 51.

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think it is to be discarded in circulatory disorders,

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role in the cure of chronic diarrhea. It is not enough to give

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of the symptom-complex of surgical disease, using the

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The results of the affection are seen in the sclerotic changes

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of necessity sacrificed and the mother will not re-

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the operation to be simple and to give a good exposure of and

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masses of tissue are concerned, the softening which

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for the United States, Canada and Mexico ; $6.56 per year for alt

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decided to wait until we were sure whether the fibroids

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recommended chemoprophylaxis atovaquone-proguanil doxycycline or mefloquine

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The question arises in connection with these cases,

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mon and fatal disease of man, as in all other measures seeking to

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kins Hospital Bulletin, December, 1902), a surplus amount of

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tion; 773, acute lung diseases 568, consumption 400, scarlet

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25, cerebrospinal meningitis 12, smallpox 27, measles 35,

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any other medicine. Inhalant, iodoform emulsion nebulized by

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it will be thought best in most cases to begin with

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especially because it is less irritating to the stom-

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matitis, it will be necessary to proceed to this extent, and follow-

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consume less time and sacrifice less ureter than in

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hol, previously latent, suddenly reveal themselves,

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from the " Sylph," and ordered to the " Kearsarge."

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Deaths reported 2,954; under live years of age, 903; prin-

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Painter, C. F. Some of the orthopedic conditions of the newborn de-

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escape observation, and it is therefore necessary to

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it was in a satisfactory condition. It is said thai

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enoe, and we, his colleagues, sorrowing in his loss, exult

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in all. They are foreign bodies, and are known to be more or less

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only to refer to the significance of optic neuritis

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ton has said, as to the advisability of operating ;

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about eighty-eight per cent of the cases the tendency is toward

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R. C. Holcomb, assistant surgeon. Detached from duty

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Brighton 13.8, Portsmouth 14.1, Southampton 15.0, Bris-

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