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from free discharge and hemorrhage. The curette brought away

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tococcus is rendered probable on the application of the test of

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no tubercle bacilli. Result: Treatment by buchu and

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after convulsions which are unilateral than after those of the

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optician. Why did not an angel from heaven tell Mrs. Carlyle

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bing pains in the same left iliac region, and still

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it free, but with difficulty; at last, after an assistant

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accompanied by glycosuria presenting attacks of obscure epigas-

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the house stall of the Presbyterian Hospital, and to Drs. Robinson

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the astonishment that is excited by reading the frightful array

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Mr. Editor: In olden times seeds were said to cause

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riddle of physiology the history of the adrenal extractives, whose marked

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tumor to be felt; contents of lower abdomen so firmly

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only small statistics at hand, it is with those that

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thousand, and the average of deaths from phthisis, or consump-

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probably not the cause, for the reason that similar

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whole society which is on hand and eager to hear from

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Subscription Terms : $5.00 per year, in advance, postage paid,

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the right-and-wrong test for insanity, a test which

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born unfortunate and diseased I have to be kept locked up with

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Transverse Supra-l'ubic Division of the Skin in Per-

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lie noticed a lump in his right groin, which pained him

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and Especially Prepared Articles on Medicine, Neurology,

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attacks in the arm. The lingers are blue and cold, the

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to let them out they were requested to pass quickly

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we all know, there are some cases where there is some

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Still deeper, near the base of the crypt, few or no

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chemical treatment of tobacco by the Gerold method does not

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tive and objective mechanical means to determine the accommo-

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begin practice, and to profit by the experience which

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may be added to the common saline draught; for instance:

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Not only shall we not tolerate midwives, but in our days of

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rior wall; area surrounded by intense injection. Both

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ally admitted that tuberculosis is apt to be unusu-

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greater than the physician or the teacher. I have said

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be lessened and advanced more gradually. When the Gamier

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