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typhoid fever. The patient, a single woman, aged twenty-two,

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Of the 135 patients, 92 left the hospital improved.

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not characteristic of tuberculosis, and the appear-

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Dr. Evelyth. This case was taken ill on June 19, 1900,

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tectomy at a time when the bladder was still foul and

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Die Rontgenstrahlenim Dienste der Chirurgie. von Dr.

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there was a steady fall of temperature until convalescence was

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a position of the very first rank among its fellows.

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bit of cotton twisted tightly on the end of a match makes a good

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cians, for "literature," as it is called, and for the

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trypsic digestion into various crystalline products,

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normal at the time of operation. Immediately follow-

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been fully developed, may at some future time be found to be

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of one or two days of the treatment the patient is able to con-

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La Fototerapia del Dott. Antonino Sciascia. Societa

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diseases, whooping cough, erysipelas, fevers and consump-

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Leuf , M \>. Philadelphia: The Medical Council. 1902.

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yet perfectly distinct, affections which are deserv-

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from those of the cheap quality, which have been dyed and

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demeanor, and it is not wise to attempt a too direct or impulsive

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was pronounced and positive. In less than a week the stools were

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neglect on the part of the guardians or parents has a very harmful

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Bowie (The Journal of Pathology and Bacteriology, March,

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" bers within the liberty of your City aforesaid, who

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small piece of catheter or a ureteral catheter passed

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cells. Sarcomatous cells are phagocytic, and may, for instance,

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ment of Public Instruction, State Library, Concord.

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chester ; Birkenhead 18. 3, Birmingham 23.5, Blackburn,

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lief is but a step. In so far as the fictitious image

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decorated with honors and titles. He is the son of a physician at

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I!. W. I'i.i M.Mi.n, assistant surgeon. Detached from the

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