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the middle of the forearm along the border of the supinator

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Textbook of Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology. By

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2. Koranyi Beitrage znr Theorie und zur Therapie der Nierenin-

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Illustrated. London, New York and Bombay : Longmans,

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y DOSE:— One Teaspdonful Four Times a Day. OD CHEM. CO., NEW YORK. W

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states : " It is with the object of supplying all the


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the publication, subscription or advertising department of this

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at the first attack in reference to the cardiac con-

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gestive tube which is at times quite difficult when

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Donoghue, F. D. , 272, 276; report on progress in obstetrics, Higgins,

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fested in the right arm, and from the evidence of the

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rain; T., threatening; N., snow, t Indicates trace of rainfall.

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B. ii. Ward, passed assistant surgeon. Deiaclied from

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rection to all these proposed or actual measures of

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The bladder was carefully searched with a steel in-

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is regarded as congruous with the historical series

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Providence 1, Fitchburg 1. From erysipelas, New York 5,

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injected beneath it, and they should not be introduced in the

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and cites " a case of supposed complete ankylosis of

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serving the same scientific spirit displayed in the

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A woman aged forty, who had never been ill before, suffered

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a laceration three-fourths of an inch long was found

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l'l. Rumpel, ( >. Ueber die Bedeutungder Gefrierpunktshestimmun-

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cerebrospinal meningitis, .New York 8, Baltimore 1, Wor-

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Dr. Tyler's body was taken to Richmond, Va., for inter-

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• To one of those lusty sthenic cases of excitement in a small

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treatment required. He commences with 6 to 8 mg. of sublimate

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quadrant of the abdomen, where there was also an ill-

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The following day the patient failed rapidly and, in

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