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early circulatory indications of chronic Bright's Disease, Bishop, L. F.,

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Booth, J. A. Exophthalmic goitre after thyroidectomy, 386.

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not correspondingly diminishing, would also point to an increase

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the left common iliac, are quite tortuous, as if the

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rain; T., threatening; N., snow, t Indicates trace of rainfall.

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tightly closed, and efforts to open them cause increased pain

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Konitzer. Eiu Fall von spondylitis typhosa. Munch. Med.

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Then let us adjust our laws and our institutions to the greatest

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form over the raw surface. After ten minutes expos-

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reported to have coughed up a worm a few days ago five inches


dix buried deeply behind the cecum, surrounded by a

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gering illness on March 18, at his country home at White-

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need, but yet knowing no other bounds to his field of

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work, 16.3 per cent are able for limited work, and 8.5 per cent

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Yesterday mother first noticed in lifting the child by


intelligently recognize in the living that with which

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crowding and lack of sufficient isolation wards render the place

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pared for the lecture (the Beadles having first given

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