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the eight cases that have come under my observation during the

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dence of localized peritouitis. The lungs contained

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valescence, but there is a chance for infection under

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directions in, the left ventricle, limiting myself to

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Journal, Jan. 10, 1903) records several cases of appendicitis in

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desired. The illustrative work is thoroughly artistic, and admirably

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largest cities are overstocked with practitioners of

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cisco, and still appears to linger in the latter city,

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3. Eat sufficient fruit and drink an abundance of water,

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malaria, it was hoped that the solution of the problem was not

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least eight per cent, or about 250, who are known as the criminal

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strength of all the different instructors to bear more

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or some visual image that excites the neurosis, but

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use of sedatives. Medical men are exceedingly firm in the belief

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far distalward as the lesser pelvis. In one living case, a woman

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was no abdominal tenderness, but a slight tendency to diarrhea

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be treated unless decidedly excessive or associated

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dentition, and mental disturbance, such as fright. Rachitic infants

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he labors under difficulties which he might willingly

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For some days previously the right heel had been sore

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In the great majority of acute or chronic diseases of the intes-

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Some cases of advanced epithelioma are incurable except by

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