Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme

injury) a license duly granted to him or her as hereinbefore pro-

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resulted, which in course of time disappeared. From the cases

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22.3, Bradford 18.9, Leeds 19.3, Sheffield 19.1, Hull 15.3,

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sis, the nature of which the patient does not know.

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ment applied on lint, and over this a compress and a firm spica

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There were also Been under the windows twelve or fif-

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Cystitis and pyeltitis, the differential diagnosis between 345

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be relied on to remain constant ; it differs in different tubes, and

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, fairly sure in these cases to arrest the disease by

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the arrest of development of the withered side ; even the left cla-

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The temperature kept up for two days, when the tem-

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structive adhesions in the vicinity, and finally be-

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sociations, with Text Figures and ten Plates. By Boris

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outbreak of the disease in an infected place, for we have

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the normal arm is not straight, and that, as a con-

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plication in our national and state medical society

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to travel, to visit other scenes of scientific activity, to compare

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accuracy of a preparation that permits you to prepare in an instant

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either side. There is no loss of muscle sense or other

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and it is suggested that injections of bacterial filtrates into the

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v -tries from 14 * to 17 B per thousand, and that of

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ance 2 years, and it was here shown that his speech

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Fig. 4.— Same as Fig. 3. Supports folded back; seat dropped.

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est clinical and laboratory facilities, and yet fail,

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