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especially in malarial fever, we do not have this prop, but a re-

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having simply expectorated a few drops of sanguineous pus.

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Another type of myositis presumably of syphilitic origin has

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six cases, while Boas, in his large experience, has

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[In reply to the foregoing letter, we would merely say

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on inspection and palpation and elicited by auscul-

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four weeks walked about the town where she chose. The edema

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acute phthisis following an influenzal pneumonia, in

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stomach. This irritates mechanically the delicate mucous mem-

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of medicine. The work of the year has been most admirably condensed

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demonstration of the general fact that a fatal dis-

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there can be no absolute purity) of the virus. I also

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cian to the Royal Free Hospital; T. Pickering Pick, F.R.C.S., Consulting

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Third enlarged and revised edition. Philadelphia: P.

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always peripheral, never central, although the centers may be

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I have time here only to briefly mention the other varieties of

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lamp, which by the use of iron electrodes instead of

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acute disease is necessarily irrational, but simply

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but has not nearly that with which it is ordinarily

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