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growth the spinal cord regained its normal position.
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rational all the time in the hospital, clearly real-
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and was severe for 1 day. Pulse 148. Fainted before
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purposes." Detail for the Board: Assistant Surgeon-Gen-
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tions of the skin by the actinic rays is an ideal one.
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the different parts of the human eye? A. Pupil, cor-
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wonderful juice of a South American plant, a centuYy of labor
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noticed a fresh swelling of the right breast. There is a
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Vogel, C. W., assistant surgeon. Leave of absence for
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form of a coast line, bulging down and cropping out where
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Society will be held at Atlantic City, New Jersey, May 27,
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limbs. The length of the bones is perceptibly shorter, and the
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and arsenic. The blood state at the last examination
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the entire abdomen the intestines were returned and
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in Christian science can be briefly stated. It is a matter of daily
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that it is better suited to this condition, for the
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as is usually observed in cases of fatal opium poi-
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small swabs of gauze wet with boiled sterile water,
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of late years has been temperate; urethritis fourteen
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amount. (2) In certain cases in which the serum was adminis-
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April 14. The second day. Fasting contents, 210 cc. ;
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thigh. There was no known injury or apparent cause.
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New York, died at his home in Islip, Long Island, on Aug.
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at first no parasites were found; later, however, numerous para-
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in all his cases a thrombus filling the vessel at the
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relation of the gynecologist, obstetrician and general surgeon, Gordon, S.
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stirs the kinetic energy within the tube, vibrating the ether to
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Urinary bladder : Dilated with clear, yellowish fluid, mucosa
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fornia since March, 1900, complete information as to
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