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people who are victims of tuberculosis is on a par with highway

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fever 38, whooping cough 37, cerebrospinal meningitis 12,

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Cumin. Edinburg Medical and Surgical Journal, 1823, xix,

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tained from sixty-two lesions (chiefly acne nodules) from 29

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All letters containing business communications, or referring to

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altogether feels much better. Pressure over vagi pro-

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incision was made into the wall of the tumor, which was about one-

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the tube will show where the maximum therapeutic field in

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ter of the onset was not determined in the remaining

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partial occlusion of the pancreatic ducts. Of the symptoms point-

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process of registration, taken with the fact that the

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Hand. Congenital anomalies of the phalanges, with report of cases

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case which he attributed to drinking very hot coffee,

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seventy acres in all has belonged to the city for a

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of her illness. She was weak, and a noticeable pallor

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W. T., an introduction to physiology, 441; practical medicine series of

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TBASK, J. W., assistant surgeon. Relieved from duty

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