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development of a child is one hundred years before it is born, and

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demonstrated that ether and electricity are not coefficient — that

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tion.) 625, acute lung diseases 521, consumption 308, scarlet

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The French Society of Anthropology has been discussing M.

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of this state that California is a hot-bed of this dis-

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difficult taslv of editorship in a most satisfactory

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O.-A. Neuenbiirg nach der vollendeten Vergrosserung.

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Glenn AN, A. II., surgeon. To report at Washington,

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All letters containing business communications, or referring to

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moderate doses, it acts as a depressant in these re-


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is transmitted as it is ; why it is of greatest intensity

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whether structural or functional, occurring in a person about to

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this blood was pouring out in a steady stream. There was little

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alkaline reaction. Is this phagocytic action? It has been

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of the disease, and then gradually sinks to normal.

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public, stated that in future examinations all pos-

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M.D., Bad Nauheim, formerly of New York. Illustrated.

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moderate traction on the round ligaments kept all that

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E. King (American Medicine, Jan. 31, 1903) states the physi-

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localized, is added to tenderness, the surgeon must

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Practice. Reciprocity or inter-state licensure of physicians, 682; advan-

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railroad coaches, as' the precautions against the spread of disease

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bei besonders lange bestehender completer Urinverhal-

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rance and carelessness on the part of some patients

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Grubbs, S. B., passed assistant surgeon. Granted leave of

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J. M. Brister, assistant surgeon. Detached from duty

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..[ true pondylitil following typhoid fever, Freiberg, A. H., jo6; final re-

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1 UK IIUII I UT 1UE 1(1 T Eft wineglassful of HUNYADI JANOS, taken an hour betore breakfast, acts

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cases of chronic obstruction there is cancer of the

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much atrophy and voluntary motions were impossible.

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years continued free from an intense nervousness, and an occa-

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any more fatalities than ether. Dr. Chisholm, of Baltimore, had

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terial. Tissue for section taken from along mesenteric

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