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ation, drainage of left abscess, Burrell, H. L., 4s; Pott's disease and

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thinks that the salts in the body act in their dis-

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is pleaded in defense, the test of his responsibility

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bridge 1 each. From smallpox, Pittsburg 7, Boston 2,

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next succeeding seventy-two hours, five additional human lives

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bed, because rest and sleep can often be obtained as

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tone, and arrhythmia, infusion of digitalis or hypodermic injections

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as employed in the Registrar General's Weekly Return of

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pneumonia, at six, seven, eight, nine and ten days.

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grenous strip was enfolded into the bowel so as to be

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internal sphincter, and the obturator withdrawn, then advanced

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He lay upon his back, with legs fully extended. The

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logical Society. — The eighth annual meeting of the

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subject of vital importance to the student. It still

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liver; no pus. Trochar inserted again in the back into

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directly by the removal of the ovary as the offending organ."

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foods, rectal feeding, stimulants, tonics, etc., were

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purely incipient cases as arrested, and of all cases

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