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of Pennsylvania in 1835 and from the medical depart-
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der; frequent micturition, every half-hour by day, four
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ports are at all efficient to prevent the occurrence
pedicle to the posterior wall and adjacent portions of
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appearance of the disease the most rigid search for
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frequent, especially under certain conditions, as when the head
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Attending Physician for Children's Diseases Out-Patient
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of uniovular twins of the fifth month, the one fetus exhibited a
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from heart disease in Boston during the past year, showing an
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Pa., all winter, and it is believed that the disease has been spread
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spite of the unpropitious condition of the patient.
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The annual congress of the Belgian Surgical Society was
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italia, .and thus impregnation in either case of that particular
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second or third day, concentrated nourishment every three hours,
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normal. Dr. Low was unable to make a diagnosis from
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Dr. Henry P. Bowditch, professor of physiology, has re-
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culosis being opposed to the occurrence of tubercle
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cure; still cases have occurred in which only an eye was bandaged,
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muscles, ptosis, hyperemia of the conjunctivae, spasm of accommo-
ing the didactic and practical teaching of the col-
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result in certain cases, and as a matter of fact we
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of lower lobes of both lungs; fatty liver and heart;
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eyes bright and surrounded by dark rings. The abdo-
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would undergo spontaneous cure, whilst the greater part would
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Tent Life and Simplicity in Therapeutics as Factors in
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Finally, on the third day, as the patient's condition
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will cut through the smallest possible number of hair roots and
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ourred at a later period, and this is certainly the
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Cryoscopy, according to D. S. Grimes {Philadelphia Medical
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ence possible in the human subject, as evidenced by
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