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sis: (2) cas< a manifesting signs of tuberculosis at

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tainty to first cases in a given locality, so that the

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in market milk, significance of the presence of. 190

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after vaccination. This suggests that some active body may be

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the State, from an average of 1.7 per 10,000 of the

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on more advanced cases, most recurrences being due to neglect

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or cured, providing their stay is sufficiently long.

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such a union there would be strength so potent, and

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lature of the State of Wisconsin to be utilized for the prevention


is true of the kidneys when normal only ; when they

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been so far destroyed as to cut off all expectation

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Hospital, completed after his death and since revised or

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less importance, and one no better authenticated than by my

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base of bladder in region of left trigonum — base

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of examination and require all graduates to pass an examination

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be addressed to the Editor of the Boston Medical and. Surgical

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hard to conceive how this clinical fact, so demonstrable, has

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three times that of the precritical period, and continued high for

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mens, ami clinics, and it' then; is a good lecturer.

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been inclined to censure or punish too severely. Children are

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in the later cases where failure to re-expand is the

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sources of infection in the teeth, tonsils, nose, ear, scalp, etc., and

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prosecuting a number of the quacks, some of whom have been

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49; uremic aphasia, Riesman, D., 50; recent progress in genito-urinary

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tion there Avill not be adequate relief to the symp-

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the wisdom of using such medicaments as substitutes for iron in

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