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The most Important paper read was that of Professor

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it impossible for him to continue there these preeminently

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had had a large experience with these cases, yet he

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( }; .doings, H. D., assistant surgeon-general. Detailed to

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Second Annual Report of the National Jewish Hospital

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are still present, and on the inside the ulceration

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In no case was there any suggestion of a real cure.

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the back between the shoulders and gradually extending round

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and consists of very fine connective-tissue fibres.

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Vierteljahrsch, f. d. prakt. Heilk., Prag., 1869, cii, 1 ; ciii, 4t;.

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the reflex neuroses of their ancestors settled upon them. This is

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following these cases of fracture of the vertebrae.

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baby died in a few hours, and the other child eventually

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in curl papers, cut it, or singe it. Toward evening, if

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tion of the community which is esteemed the flower of creation

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nity to follow the after-history of a large proportion of the cases

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der. The primitive skeleton of the fins consists of

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special literature of ophthalmology by numerous foreign writers,

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this time on she made a rapid and uneventful recovery.

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seat of the blow, and that concomitant injuries, such

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by the Czar in recognition of services during the Crimean

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temperature rose rapidly to 102. 5 , the eyes became inflamed, a

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statistics, looking up rather hastily all the cases of

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organism other than the bacillus diphtherias itself, which only

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FOR SALE. — A good paying practice of seven years,

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it is to control our patience under such circumstances. This trin-

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1. Duodenal ulcer occurs more often in men than in women.

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Uric acid excretion and the destruction of leucocytes,

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of colic. The patient looked pale, and was quite wor-

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Henry Barton Jacobs, M.D., Associate in Medicine, Johns

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strate that disease, far from being a mental trouble, is invariably

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a palace, his attendants courtiers, and the hospital

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treatment as will tend to remove the causes, and so far as is

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as to warrant his leaving the hospital the last of the

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or no coagulative power in the blood. A plug of gauze packed

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Christian, H. A. Ependymal epithelium as a constituent of a teratoma,

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pected at all until the rigidity of certain muscles

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S. Weir Mitchell, M.D., LL.D. By Guy Hinsdale, A.M.,

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ter for a younger sister, and also a cousin, having

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for the patient's well being, if so it may be, — or,

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Its benefits are certain ; its possibilities are great.

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sugar; no bile; many hyaline and granular casts ; numer-

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consideration, but we give it. There passes into the tube an

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annual meeting at Washington last year, is Brigadier-General

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place hard to be filled in the medical department of the

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long one, including forty titles, on varied subjects

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consideration, but we give it. There passes into the tube an

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straw colored fluid ; surface smooth and of normal color.

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1 Read before the Surgical Section of the Suffolk District Med-

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very anemic, had an enlarged spleen, an enlarged liver, and a

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object of this paper was to direct attention to the

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sometimes locks in a partially flexed position, and can be straight-

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