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says the Journal of the American Medical Association, was fur-
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itself to be the most powerful antiseptic. Next in rotation are
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subacute glomerulo nephritis, a type not supposed to
can uloric 80 mg be cut in half
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Seventeenth Session, held at Washington, D. C, April 29 and
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result either from slight changes in the nerve sub-
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the eyes, and then on that test alone give a final decision as to
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1 Head before the Clinical Section of the Suffolk District Med-
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uloric uses
as employed in the Eegistrar General's Weekly Return of
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Two methods are based on these facts. In the one, now
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especially in treating the primary nasal affection. — Medical
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I!. Osier, W. Johns Hopkins Hospital Report, iv, 73.
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by stimulating the heart to contract more forcibly.
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infection had been contracted less than forty-five days previously.
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cipally connective tissue, with rarely some elastic
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know that our asylums do not give us absolute protection, nor
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ice. Detail for the Foard : Passed Assistant Surgeon W.
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To state that there is a universally applicable best
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years' experience he has lost but one woman in con-
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tends to increase the lateral deviation, and lateral
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G. P. Lumsden, surgeon. Ordered to the " New York."
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sia, according to G. Rankin (British Medical Journal, Nov. 29,
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tion and involves no longer convalescence, in fact,
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owing to the tenacity with which the bacteria adhere, though
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Remittance should be made by money-order, draft or registered
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12. Ingalls. American Journal Medical Science, 1888, xcv, 22.
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tion of these parts with danger of auto-reinfection.
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been referred to in a communication to this society
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ing him as an animal. It is better to ask straightforward questions
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on the left is increased, on the right very slight. There
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I see work ahead for him to do in friendly juxtaposi-
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These statements of "marvelous cures" mean little, for they
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which compelled him to see a surgeon. At half-past nine in the
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