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of septic poisons upon the kidneys were very constant. A simi-

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continence. Has improved gradually, and particularly

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gery. Issued monthly, under the general editorial charge

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P. M. -Pottenger (New York Medical Journal, March 21,

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fully employed in the mouth and on the skin. It was with great

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owing to the rapid liberation of iodine. If iodoform be given

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to general practitioners in the postgraduate school.

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there is a considerable twist in the neck, relapses

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advantage over the man here. The embarrassments frequently

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In the use of the focus tube by unskilled or careless persons,

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by the historical movement to which all narrower policies must

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years ago, there was considerable pain and swelling

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influenza with paroxysmal dyspnea may closely resemble asthma ;

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A " failure " is not a vaccination ; therefore, these

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impending suffocation, which were due in a large measure to

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London, compiled from their Records and other Sources"; the

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it alone — protect it and let it be. The diagnosis

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use. This case I believe is confirmed in its claims by the experi-

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Sessions of the county wherein the offense shall have been com-

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Stickney, E. P. A case of typhoid fever complicating convalescence

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various tissues and internal organs post mortem. (6) Micro-

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^ A Scientific Blending of True Santal and Saw Palmetto in a Pleasant Aromatic Vehicle.

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W. It., surgeon. Detached from the "Solace "

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of collapse, as already stated, where it is desired


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M. Edebohls, M.D., of New York, Surgeon to St. Francis's

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cies, and a per kilogram dose which is fatal to the

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distended and adherent to omentum; freed from adhe-

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Va-ricose Veins. Operative treatment of varicose veins, Blake, J. B.,

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and purse by the practice of charlatans, and also to instruct the

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need, but yet knowing no other bounds to his field of

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" to be levied for the Chamber of your City, or such

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most of the basal sinuses, and in these cases it is

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not enabled us to diagnose or cure all gastric dis-

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