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asked him to drink from 8 to 16 ounces of this solution in twenty-
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torn that it did not need suture. The patient had a severe rigor
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officers were elected for the ensuing year : Presi-
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nation showed, an obvious callus at the middle of the
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literature of the preceding month. A table of contents accom-
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said candle, and all the brothers and sisters offer at the
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infections ingested heretofore through drinking water.
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Dr. Ivanoff (Medicinskore Obosrenie, vol. lvii, Nov. 11,
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If some of us were, for instance, more familiar with
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1 Read before The Massachusetts iMedical Society, June 11, 1902.
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cases of chronic obstruction there is cancer of the
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properties, possesses certain drug properties, as a
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ing into the etiology of disease, with a view to its
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the root of the tree, expressing itself in a unilateral hardening of
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EOSENAI , M. J., passed assistant surgeon. To proceed
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hol off, obtained it in the form of a dried powder.
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an account of thirteen cases in which large doses of serum were
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waiting for the years to bring the inevitable yoke,

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