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skill. Instead of using ligatures as described here, he employs
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cessation of all sensation, exaggerated patellar reflexes, and ankle-
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causes precipitation of the bile constituents, while
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after, as such animals are the chief means of spreading rabies.
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the laboratories by your journal, as well as testing of
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from one portion of the intestine to another, coming
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local anesthetic and analgesic, while caffeine has no such effect.
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parts, and on many other known and unknown causes; (b)
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hold, without fear of successful contradiction, that
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been of great benefit to the subject of diphtheria,
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tions are needed to establish the prognosis in these
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medicine I have spent much of my time administering anesthetics,
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extended two fingers' breadth below the costal arch.
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detached from the naval hospital, New York, and ordered
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many eye symptoms with epilepsy, such as spasm of the external
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with general peritonitis his mortality is seventy-five per cent. He
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XLIII.for the year 1901, with a list of Officers, Fellows,
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less, he thought that the antisyphilitic treatment,
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feet could not be moved nor raised from the bed. The
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sation was present in five cases, in four associated
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Case J. — Typical case of pneumonia; pain, fever, quick res-
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