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wine and brandy and whisky, are capable of causing much mis-
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rather than a benefit; that is, any attempt to accomplish such results
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furious as to require confinement. After twelve months she
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skeptical, and ever doubting einpyric, doubting and skeptical because
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ing from venereal infection. Without entering into any argument on
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By his splendidly sustained effort he undoubtedly saved many lives and much sufiering.
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three others were very low with it. All three of the
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Kneer, F. G., 235 W. 51st St., New York, New York Co.
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equipoise, however inconsiderable the force, if persist-
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only in the portion of peritoneum immediately circumjacent. It can also be
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"washing out" of carbon dioxide from the blood by the dyspnea so
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the city as if they ailed nothing, and only dreffed
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both in the Nile basin and along the shores of the Mediterranean and
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part of the intestine. When removed, the edges ought
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quantity of food, he will feel himself enfeebled, the func-
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therapy with lovastatin or pravastatin is not associated with greater reduction in LDL-cholesterol than that
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the nose is a vulcanite support for a wire running up
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reflexes, but no diarrhea. Lumbar puncture yielded a fluid contain-
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constipation, or the effect of great dilatation from flatulence, after the
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toms rather than typhoid meningitis. It is difficult to exactly limit the cases
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studied. Pfliiger-^ found that heating curarized animals caused an
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of Werlhof, and in hemorrhagic small-pox — is certainly only in
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et Rex nunc est quietior, et plus quam par esset jacet
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by recourse to the hypothesis above suggested ; '^ but in doing so it must
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vidual to learn how to minimise his little share in the general
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but the deeper and more complicated machinary, part of
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Not those which cause consumption, but which prevent or tend to cure it.
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evacuated such a large proportion of the wounded of three units from the front area during
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mistakes in attempting what is, in itself, possible, by
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of the eyeballs termed anaemic " had a cerebro-spinal origin.
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a rash nuiasure by considering for a moment tlic consequences
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Blythe ; Dr. Campbell, Seaforth : Dr. Bingham, Seaforth ; Dr.
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An oral glucose tolerance test was made on March IS, 1915. On giving
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begun until the entire condition of the patient has been evaluated
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how common and how widespread the mouse septicemia bacilli are
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fail to give excellent results. To children five or six years
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been fully conscious .of this disparity. Many obvious
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resorted to at once ; what should be its site if it be determined
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The Albany Guild for Pubuc Health Nursing. — Statistics for
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number, only five survived the observation period of three months which
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India. Calcutta, 1876. — 17. W. Munro. "Leprosy," Edinburgh Med. Journal,
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that given off by atropine under the same conditions. — Ex.
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attempts to swallow, and breathes spasmodically. By a small
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of their manifestation ; hence it is of great importance that careful examina-
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Rapporteur), Messrs. Descoust and Bordas ; (2) " Ac-
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ing from the periphery to the spinal cord group themselves into three

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