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Wasdin, Eugene, surgeon. Leave of absence for seven

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Solutions (Modified Schleich Method.) By Rudolph Matas,

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is placed under this head. There is no fixed period of incubation ;

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designate in Saratoga, Monday, June 9, at 10 a.m., under

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coronary or bursting of a cerebral artery. In the presenile, in

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fail of proper development, but the stain on the moral or mental

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with an estimated Dopulation of 14.800,427, for the week

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treatment by dilatation, laying down the following propositions :

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In one of his cases, after making every reasonable effort, he was

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After the incision is made these may be secured with shot, and if

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will deny that they need the recent knowledge which

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The Essentials of Histology, Descriptive and Practical,

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In the second stage, if on the tongue, deep fissures

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conjugate deviation of the eyes and head, or the head to the right

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McLean Hospital, Dr. H. M. Quinby, superintendent of

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the 16 weeks following and including the first week

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— Dr. Starkloff, health commissioner of St. Louis,

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to appreciate its significance in a degree which will induce self-

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masses, but many of neutrophils diffusely colored; a

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sclerosis causing ocular palsies and spasticity with loss of knee jerks,

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posed reform of dermatology, Klotz, H. G., 526; a case of pellagra, Sher-

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article are these : After a rectal lesion at the level

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surrounding the organism and growing with it. At a later stage

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There it is well known that the cretins are usually the offspring

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The tumor could be quite well palpated and moved with the

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