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muscles. Darling, in studying the effects of train-
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ProfeBSOl <>f Surgery in the Louisville Medical College.
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somewhat yellowish in color, with dark haemorrhagic
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The observations submitted here come as a thesis, on features
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have a cause. In the issue of your journal for April
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Frequently about the chains and the diplococci forms well
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stones could be felt either in the ducts or the gall
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ployed, the life of a gum-elastic catheter is short
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trated. Philadelphia and London: W. B. Saunders & Co.
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that the applications of men for these positions are not
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A marked feature of the disease was its tendency to relapse, 19
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ment that a very large proportion of those changes which are
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afterward her pulse had dropped to 76, and the mur-
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four weeks walked about the town where she chose. The edema
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in case of an obstruction the cells can derive their
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was made in the cornea, rather than well into the sclera. If
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Fractures. Massage in fracture treatment, Tracy, E. A., 407; a case of
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a number of years, nor until receiving a number of specific treat-
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formation upon the subject. Experts appointed to in-
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enter the human organism by the necessary atrium, as
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ling is necessary. One hardly needs to be an athlete to wield
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On June 5, 1901, while running for a car, she had a
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the vital statistics of Michigan and of Massachusetts, from the
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and edema disappeared; the pulse became regular, full, and less
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bles the tubercle bacilli in staining qualities and
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from electric belt. Liver from fifth space to costal
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on the subject, after I had written a letter to the

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