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on the floor near the bed, with a bullet hole above and
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or vomiting. ( >n the third day unfavorable symptoms
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land Home of New York for Mental and Nervous Diseases
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days after operation, 125 days after the beginning of
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tion Report for 1900 relating to Births, Marriages, Deaths
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There were thirty-five such cases in this series be-
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caught upon the under edge of the fifth floor, with
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the history of the disease, hut it takes a long time
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Eastings, Hill, assistant surgeon. Promoted and ap-
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a prophylactic against otitis media, or the extension
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in size all out of proportion to the increase of his
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Murphy. Journal American Medical Association, Sept. 16,
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cases) of these two cases, it is now ten weeks since
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after his arrival at the police station, searched for evi-
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blood specimens of cells seemingly intermediate in character be-
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Medicinal treatment is no more than palliative, and should
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the third cervical segment ending in recovery after operation,
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indurated, bul this type is difficull or impossible
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eating at times is excellent; if necessary have the meals served
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of Paramagnetic Foreign Bodies from the Air Passages.
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nated in the first half hour was greater than that in
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At the recent meeting in Madrid too much was attempted.
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ous leucocytes and small round cells; occasional blood
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board shall appoint as its executive officer a phy-
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thought of our great State, our two recent State legislatures have
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of a high quality of excellence and fills a certain
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and " remarks " found little circulation beyond the
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Atlas and Epitome of Traumatic Fractures and Disloca-
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even in a mild case. This reflex vasomotor disturbance
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meeting. A particularly winsome part of this appeal

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