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of their health, should call a halt ere it is too late. Again at the
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so See Report of State Board of n«':iiiii of [ndlana, 1894, p. 384.
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tubes. We should never, therefore, guarantee to our patients a
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symptoms, with late or early syphilodermata ; (3) early or late
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of 2s. 6d. for each legal notice of a case of infec-
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follow. The discharged pus may infect the nasopharynx, and the
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mittee of the Massachusetts Association of Boards of
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*0., cloudy; C, clear; F., fair; G., fog; H., hazy ; S., smoky; R.,
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arch of the aorta, the circle of Willis, and the meningeals and
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Henry Longneeker, M.D., died Aug. 19, at Islip, L. I.
yoke and in other western towns of the state, where
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two lesions (chiefly acne nodules) from twenty-nine patients,
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and to avoid most strictly the use of any narcotic drug. The
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appeared from the mastoid, but she complained of pain above and
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until now ten are provided. A fact which is perhaps
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given at first ; on and after the third day about two
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E. H , aged ten years, committed suicide by swallowing car-
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be practical with respect to the immediate future."
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ferred. All must be in good condition. Address " Surgi-
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excessive. Had been treated by various physicians, and a num-
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for there is no essential dividing line between the
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The following hints are from the May issue of the Interna-
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the terminals, their distance apart, the material of
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but be interested in this discussion, as typhoid is so
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cussion, but from the fact that in a large majority
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lie said that it was too early to come to any posi-
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The benefit of acquiring a foreign language at first
Empyema in children, Cotton, F. J., 63; a clinical study of one
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■'- British India. Annual Reports on the Sanitary .Measures in
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possession of and using the antidote cinchona. We found them

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