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hours less to four or five days, but that the usual
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Leichtenstern's classification 12 is not a special dis-
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1897. Frankel had rarely noted such sputa in influenza.
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say, for the first week after leaving the hospital I could
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acute dilatation of the stomach, 468; Tyson, J., manual of physi-
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den and marked disturbance in the pure ethereal thought that is
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pox New York 10, Chicago 1, Philadelphia 1, Pittsburg 4,
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the cartilaginous septum close to its anterior bor-
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Dr. Schedel (Lancet, April 18, 1903) recently read a paper
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rior abdominal wall, the outlines of which were very
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pital, and I had to escape from their acclamations.
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dulged his tastes as an enthusiastic sportsman, tastes
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sipelas. New York 7, Chicago 4, Philadelphia 3, Pittsburg
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Dwight, E. Wt Indications for operation in head injuries, 119.
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military experience. (4) That in South Africa and Egypt the
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Dr. Nil Felatoff, Professor of Children's Diseases in
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peri-urethral abscess ; neck of bladder and trigone
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employed, and gave in more or less detail the tech-
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or more after graduation in a hospital, but this op-
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eration of a subject results usually in superficial
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et Therapeutiques sur l'Epilepsie, l'Hysterie et l'Idiotie
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tient died a few hours later, three and a half days after
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test dinner. Achylia gastrica is not always found in these cases,
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covers most of tarsal conjunctiva. Diphtheritic nasal
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<;. P. LDMSDEN, surgeon. Detached from the •' New York "
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Mayo, W. J., 109; pyloroplasty, with report of a new method. Finney, J.
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Hernia. Implantation of silver filigree for the closure of large hernial
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All letters containing business communications, or referring to
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the passage there was no pain. Saturday morning the
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phoid fever, 9 cases, 2 deaths ; measles, 117 cases,
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seventy-two physicians are attending special courses.
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never — as it often is in hemorrhage — an imme-
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Paris jacket was applied. Five days later the patient
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Remittance should be made by money-order, draft or registered
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of Prof. Dr. A. Politzer. Authorized translation from the
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Is Medicine Founded on Truth? By W. J. George, M.D.,
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treatment required. He commences with 6 to 8 mg. of sublimate
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of sugar, 1 % of proteid ; or 3.50 % of fat, 6.50 % of
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age of fifty. For seventeen years of his professional career he
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John C. Da Costa (American Medicine, April 11, 1903) says
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necessary equipments required in the furtherance of such meas-
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vous and was subject to frequent pains in the legs.
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servations furnished by Sergeant J. W. Smith of the United
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in connection with the recent opening of a wing for the
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4. An Abdominal Support with a Pneumatic Rubber Pad:- —
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Excision of the Lumbar Lymphatic Nodes and Spermatic
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vised against operation in eight ; in the other cases
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however, the necessity of this class of sanitary work
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graduated from the Boston Latin School and from the

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