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increasing doses of living cultures of these strep-

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suggest measures to combat malaria at Suez. The local physicians

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population, and the greater facilities for conceal-

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a student will remember better what he has a reason

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hours. On putting him on the car to return, his legs

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had another profuse hemorrhage. As this occurred at

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H. Hochhaus (Archiv klin. Med., Bd. lxxiv) carefully exam-

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Cases of appendicular abscess beneath the liver and about the

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in all of which the tendon reflexes were markedly increased, and

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is not absolutely non-existent, it is, nevertheless,

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A bill has been introduced by Mr. McCabe in the Senate of-

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acne nodules showed quite profound changes extending deep into

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lutely the only remedy used in her eye by the patient. I am sure

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able from the so-called signs of perforation, and the symptoms in

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the human body, potent alike for health and for sick-

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and solidity of reality are mimicked with fidelity.

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tion there Avill not be adequate relief to the symp-

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peristalsis, which occurs one to two minutes after injection, simul-

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while today is a very bright and cheerful day, 1 have

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test dinner. Achylia gastrica is not always found in these cases,

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Ferre maintains also that the majority of cases of puerperal infec-

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the subject, although I have heard such suggestions

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State of Connecticut for the year 1901, with the Registra-

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tained in the dust particle which has been exposed to desiccation,

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important features of malaria to be neglected. Though his notes

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the first three months of the present year has just

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says that the pancreas is constant in man, and a normal one is sel-

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B. R. Ward, passed assistant, surgeon. Detached from

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While we do not desire to carry on this controversy

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in Hastings ; London 28.2, West Ham 22.3, Croydon 24.6,

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the ulcer or where it is so situated as to be inacces-

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stubs from the tubercular smoker died of tuberculosis, showing

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