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Dr. Swoboda (Medical Press, March 25, 1903) at a recent
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and other observers are sufficiently baffling to show
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awarded to the author of the best essay in competition for
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casion of his jubilee, a Knight of the Grand Cross of the Order
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the U. S. census authorities, and with other commit-
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pouch which he had suspected to be a pelvic abscess. Vaginal
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nothing can be said regarding the prognosis. If it is found
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the feet are affections of microbic origin, and the
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his corps does not admit of intelligent opposition,
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eral edema developed, due to a dilated heart and ar-
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medical officer of today buds himself, after a tbi-ee-
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it had thus bee. ni<- separated from the right nasal
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large glass funnel is connected. The patient should be lying
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Feb. 5, at 8.15 p.m. Dr. H. H. Germain will read a paper
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difficulty in opening the sac and dissecting it away
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Medico-Chirurgical Transactions, published by the Royal
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who suffer, with that lofty self-abnegation which is characteristic
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of the West from May 26 to July 3, in the course of which

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