Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme

conductor from Chicago; (ft) the Appletou-Swain fam-

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The death-rate ranged from 5.5 in Hornsey to 28.5 in

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ever, in which the results differed widely, the patient

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Color pale; reaction acid; specific gravity, 1,024;

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stance, is not a local, but a general disturbance of

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operation, which has for its object the removal of a piece of rib,

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(Medical Press, Dec. 31, 1902) related the results he obtained

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or less regular intervals, causing severe losses to ag-

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nosis, constant opportunities for the observation of

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" There has for some time past been a growing feeling

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like sticks of wood when she strikes them against ob-

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smallpox, just thirty-nine years ago. The health officers believe

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agreement exists as to the type of case suitable for curettage, all

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of proteid waste was found, in one no change, when alcohol

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the " hot water-alcohol " method, when sufficiently

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haustion of the vasomotor center. Neither the heart muscle nor

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tion of the branchiod cancers, a more notable increase in the per-

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through points of least resistance, which are either

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choroiditis, or which accompany glaucoma or detachment of the

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occasional errors of judgment are repeated over and

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on this subject. He insists on the importance of frequent exam-

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gress rapidly. We may have different degrees in the secretion of

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on the floor if I had not caught him and placed him in

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with the aid of my stick, and became greatly fatigued after

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extravasation as a slight possibility. If there is any

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therapeutics, electro-therapeutics, massage, mechanical treat-

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about 8 cm. long and 1.5 cm. in its greatest diameter,

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and to others merely transmits, by endosmosis from the uterus of

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sacrifice of the spinous processes or laminae, eventually making an

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custody of the child requires that it shall be vac-

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perforation which would easily admit the top of the

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Natural Philosophers and Physicians will hold its seventy-

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court, but the full significance of the ruling is not

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She was propped up in a half-sitting position in bed.

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picture is sufficiently gloomy at best, but it is a

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coverings which have gained entrance to the uterine

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Mr. Editor: Permit me to call the attention of your

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sidered a specific reaction against certain infections.

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