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get sufficient tissue for approximation. Result, com-
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the basis of all v. Noorden's protective treatment.
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tutions were being filled with needy degenerates, from purely
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doubtful if this is beneficial either to the pavement or
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that this measure will become a law, for women who have spent
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Moore: Orthopedic Surgery, Philadelphia, 1K98, p. 243; Young:
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impending suffocation, which were due in a large measure to
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It is believed that less than two per cent of the abdominal
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I Ilillie.r: Int. Aspect of the Control of' Tuberculosis, read at the
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— a matter which should never be lost sight of in
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soil of the body to infection. When the fertility of the tissue
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ends. If the university is to retain the traditions
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From whooping cough, New York 10, Philadelphia 1, Bal-
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inches in width, seemed to be dead, and the muscles were
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measles. Chicago 2, Pittsburg 2, Lawrence 1. From ery-
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tality, 338; progress of the movement for uniform statistics of causes of
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the American Medical Association, Jan. 3, 1903) say that while
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after, as such animals are the chief means of spreading rabies.
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in chronic influenza seems to be due to the auto-re-
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make one suspicious of the value of the phloridzins
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apprehensive of the results, and exerted unusual pre-
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fearful of again becoming pregnant that she has used
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Carbolic acid, pure— on the use of in the treatment
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under the influence of local and general treatment, to await the
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pains. In hysterical contractions of the pylorus it
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Prom the Department of Neurology, Long idand Hospital,
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past only a few decades the history of mercurial administration
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The drawbacks of the method are the occasional painful lumps
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in itself demand treatment; but that there must be no interfer-
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tion is concerned assumes many shapes — for example, there may
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This ministerial order has recently been rescinded. A royal
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Tertiary symptoms, it matters not when they arise, call for a
highly appreciated labors in this capacity, made many
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the age of 60 the mortality was, owing to the preva-
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he must undress or be undressed very slowly and easily; it will
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the Fusiform Bacillus and Spirillum of Vincent. By Emil
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Minor Surgery and Bandaging, including the Treatment
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and yet each must pay him differently. Hence the ab-
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« u Policlinlco, L902, No. 18, Bez. mid., fasc. i e 2, 16,
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quarter of 1901 by 558, the increase, it is stated,
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begin in left arm, and extend when severe to the whole person;
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except at the periods of washing, and in the intervals
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the treatment of Chronic Diseases, Cripples and Deformities.

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