Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme

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clusion of his address a committee was appointed to
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infection possibly due to appendicitis ; that chills
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no marked pain on pressure over nerve trunks of the
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To Nitze is due the credit of introducing in 1879 this instru-
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cases requiring prolonged anesthesia, ether or a combination of
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the selection of the cases, and the series comprised
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upon the superficial inoculation of the tetanus ba-
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quotient of 7.8 for the urine, but only the almost constant quotient
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Cultures made by inexperienced persons, or by those who do
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Journal^ the city of ( 'levelaud, Ohio, lias appropri-
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nerve. In rare cases, as is the despair in medicine, the pain may
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several ways : ( 1 ) By extravasation of blood ; (2)
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she has paroxysms of intense pain, of brief duration,
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crude results by addition of such numbers as experience has
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proceed to "Washington, D. C.and report at Bureau for
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ment of all mesenteric glands; mesenteric and portal
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M.D. Third edition, thoroughly revised. Illustrated.
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Africa," referring to joint wounds, states that, in
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tively good health by the methods of Brandt — that is, massage,
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neither satisfies or pacifies our desires, nor con-
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Office, United States Army. Authors and Subjects. Second
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cerebrals. The condition may be general or quite limited to any
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coincidentally with ovulation, and that the male is attracted to
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upper arm measures 29.5 cm., tbe right 34.5 cm. The
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gained in weight and strength, and there has been a
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would have been anticipated." 1 It is not certain at

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