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Locke, E. A. The clinical value of the iodine reaction in the leucocytes

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in other cases, would seem to justify the following

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right flexor, left negative, 5 ; right extensor, left flexor, 2 ; and in

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form in their general characteristics to this type.

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grow anacrobically ; on potato elevated free hyphae

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sense close and the activity of the brain is lowered,

daratumumab mechanism of action

if any are present. As the patients begin to improve, the white

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The operator must be one skilled in the use of .r-ray apparatus.

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R. C. Holcomb, assistant surgeon. Detached from duty

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The revised scheme of membership resulted in the largest

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clotted blood. The fibrous-like tissue appears to be

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osis. Dense, dirty, gray membrane on tarsal conjunc-

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treated efficiently with the finger, thus leaving the

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vised against operation in eight ; in the other cases

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G. Brown {Scottish Medical and Surgical Journal, February.

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Technique and Diagnosis in Gynecological Practice for

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intestinal obstruction. There had been no vomiting.

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farina, rice, corn-flour and barley, macaroni; also bouillon and

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(2) The number of cases observed in 1901 was out of

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lished for the benefit of the alumni of the school,

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rise to many a grandiose scheme. In this stage there is very apt

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Charles Augustus Carlton, M.D., M.M.S.S., died June

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it free, but with difficulty; at last, after an assistant

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FOR SALE— S2000 medical practice in place of 3000

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positive iodine reaction was of the greatest assist-

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Dunbar has succeeded in extracting from the pollen of certain

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ralysis confined to the anterior groups of the leg and to

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a large vesical fistula, leading to a second bladder.

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that it is better to operate in practically all cases

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