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inviting criticism, but I have included it as 1 of the 8

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the ureters, infiltrations of the vagina, the rectum,

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Darwin, too, and Huxley, men who might in the ordinary

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various kinds, so that it was easy to light up that

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*■> Twentieth Century Practice of Medicine, lx'.lx, xiii, 375.

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age are limited to those in which there is a perforation of the gut

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12. Schumberg. Arch. f. Anat. u. Phys., 1899, Supplement, 289.

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the plague situation in California a matter of grave

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• I have in mind and notes for the report of at least a dozen

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1234 cases, usually immediately after its removal from the body

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Marvvedel. Beit. z. klin. Chir., Tubingen, 1892, ix,537.

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most alone — not quite alone — is the female decidedly the inferior

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in eighty out of a hundred instances, on the living

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acterized by certain changes in the epidermis ; is not

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adds little to its value. The burden of the teaching

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extended three or four centimeters from the anus. It consisted of

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Residence at the seashore has long been recognized as of

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of the cervix. The patient made an uneventful recovery. Six

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all be specialists to a greater or less degree, it is

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cerebrospinal meningitis 13, smallpox 16, measles 4(i, diar-

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Pulications de La Parole, Institut de Laryngologie et

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E. V. Armstrong, passed assistant surgeon. Placed on

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secondary invaders, either during the progress of a

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cases of smallpox. I think we should vaccinate them,

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Washington, D. C, June 5, 6 and 7. The Medical Asso-

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to master all subjects, we need not be particular."

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any part of the nitrogen of the albuminates which have under-

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material aid in establishing the diagnosis, already

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