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I am fully aw r are that this compensatory shorten-
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a diffuse interstitial hepatitis. Gummata are rare.
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simple polypus ; the other is in a patient examined about a week
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for, and furnished free of expense, as it should be
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list appended to authors article to the Nutritive Value of
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* Different individual* possess varying degrees of immunity to
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made also of the official mercury with chalk, which has found
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ing to American* Medicine. A visit was made to the islands, and
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Sciences, January, 1903) give the notes of a case of sarcoma of
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bing. As the crusts came away the mass became smaller, until it
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The following officers were elected for the ensuing year:
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features — to quote Kibbe: "Capillary dilatation,
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eighty years, a genuine philanthropist, living in a
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who have gained considerable weight. It may be said
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ten volumes of the Year's Progress in Medicine and Sur-
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the administration of salicin or salicylate of soda,
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them, giving to the spots the appearance of "focal ne-
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fills the distal half of the stomach, is too large for
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personal observation, further investigation will be
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a contributory factor in such appointments. There should only
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essential, in order, first, that it may be avoided ;
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taken up are as follows : First, the process of de-
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8. Joseph MoFarland. Tetanus and. vaccination. An analysis of

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