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Exercise. The effects of exercise on the heart and circulation, Larrabee,
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Attention should be given the admirable ledger for the use of
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my hands, but it soothes the irritated nerve centers, by stimula-
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following result: Patient, well developed and nour-
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; By the term " law " here, an adequate law requiring the vaccin-
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longed to the people. The prosecution, however, pre-
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means of one tube fitting inside of the other, thus
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Formalin in the treatment of inoperable cancer.... 551
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servations furnished by Sergeant J. W. Smith of the United
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each instance the source of the disease, the extent
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* Journal of the American Medical Association, Feb. 22, 1902.
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teen days' leave of absence from Aug. 19. Aug. 23, 1902.
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ning five or six days before the catarrhal symptoms
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All communications for the Editor, and all books for review
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All communications for the Editor, and all books for review
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should be pursued, and if cheesy degeneration has not commenced
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mixed infection : D. S , a child twenty-five months of age,
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in practice. It is almost proverbial that where men
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the base. The normal valve offers very slight resistance. Hy-
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It contains much not included in former editions. While the authors say
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The most Important paper read was that of Professor
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Bristol 19.0, Birmingham 21.2, Leicester 22.7, Nottingham
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In order to keep the needle warm and to prevent the paraffin
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• BoagU. liu.ll. ot m6m. Hoc. A.aaJ. do i'arU, WOO.
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in capsule, and quinine. I then gave him a six-ounce bottle of
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all such penalties shall go to the State Pharmacy Board, and one-
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the ribs; downwards nearly to the crest of ilium ; and
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1 Read before The Massachusetts Medical Society, June 11, 1902.
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treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis, located at Luray, Va., has
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