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were vesicles. In the fifth case, while it is clear
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That in cases of disease of the cardiac end of the stomach
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below 1200 grammes. Dr. Marchand found that the brain
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known as an expert in mental disease, whose services
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the condition of smallpox extension as usually recog-
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on the basis of the committee's belief that A, 0, 1)
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sipelas, New York 3. Chicago 4, Philadelphia 2, Baltimore
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cap of the olivary body was normal. The olivary fibres
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characteristics, its long duration in spite of active
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tate ulcerations 1 mm. in diameter; lymph follicles in
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Stirling, J. W. Canada Medical Record, 1896, p. 49.
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it is a process going on in substance, yet light may be shown
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the syphilitic demands a renewal of active treatment.
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termed " ultra-violet " (the writer prefers the term
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dentition, and mental disturbance, such as fright. Rachitic infants
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surgical operations, accidents, intercurrent illnesses, etc.
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did not so upset the equilibrium of the. skin as to
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occurrence to be considered merely a matter of coincidence.
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dent in vital statistics of cities and countries, a
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The inherent wisdom of a scheme of this kind is beyond all
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upon their intestinal difficulty. Some patients who are very sick
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uterus. To avert the attack itself, the author pre-
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In December, 1879, he was elected mayor, and was re-
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first implicated, the muscle substance being secondarily involved.
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and is limited almost entirely to the bicipital region.
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present. Pelvic organs normal ; under surface of right
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up to the time of his death. He ser\e(l us surgeon in the
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diseases, whooping cough, erysipelas, fevers and consump-
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sisters to the use of the said guild, except out of their
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irregular and without a definite stroma. The cells com-
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greatly swollen and purplish along its ilexor side and
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toms are so great as to preclude the possibility of
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At about the midpoint oi the ileum for a distance of
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Graafian follicle, ovarian sarcoma developing from the

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