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facial paresis, nasal quality of the voice, difficulty
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are unsupported by sufficient reliable data to accurately estab-
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bility of the uterus and thickening of the bases of
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weaker in all the muscles of the body, but especially
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held at Saratoga, N. Y., June 13 and 14. The fifty-
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1 Read befon the Boston Societj for Medical [mprovement,
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is affected, and which results in their active pro-
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in cells, was urgent in the reiteration of his beliel
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ment. They are carried away by the religious halo which invests
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medical staff of the Wells Memorial Hospital at New
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a delusion or belief that some great public benefit
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If the patient has been induced to consult the oculist on account
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such of the articles therein, as, in the opinion of
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an acute nephritis with edema, a great deal of blood
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Some Points Pertaining to the Therapeutic Management
senna-docusate sodium classification
is presumed from the fact that the glycosuria is more marked
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tines of those suffering from dysentery and colitis 633
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necessary fixtures. Best reasons for selling, will state to
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ficacious in combating the pain of iritis, and the powder
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From whooping cough, New York 2, Philadelphia 2, Bal-
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When the iodides, nitrites, and other means used in such cases

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