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since then the boy has been perfectly well and never
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the circulation or into other organs, lends support to the theory
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men was slightly distended, but the bowels had been
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crease in opacity of the lens as to improvement in its nutrition.
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Many authorities recommend astringents, but they act poorly
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nently here and practice his specialty of orthopedic surgery. —
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the disease, especially in adults, where measles is
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times the right arm comes forward at night and strikes
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invariably find the assimilative functions deficient. Here sup-
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be repeated earlier, while in mild cases, especially
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At the risk of repeating an old story I have selected for my
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sion ; it gives information regarding the existence
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some cases. If there be a bath-tub available, the sedative effect
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Deaths reported 2,958; under five years of age, 996; prin-
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age there may be but little surprise at newly discovered relations
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of the operation wound entered pleural cavity, so that
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expired, and Dr. Warren gave the history somewhat as
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