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sion in the right linea semilunaris gives access to

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bacilli were found. Some of the giant cells contained bacilli.

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Scranton, Miss., for special temporary duty. April 25,

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obtainable, any one should resort to such primitive means for

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become a law, it will meet the approval of the medical profession

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Albumen preparations, as Mosquera beef jelly, Valentine's beef

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disseminate that disease to neighboring communities,

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not lead to death, and during life the exact nature

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responsibility? If so, there. will be but few legally responsible.

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against the charlatans. The organization will endeavor to

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ology whereof, according to Raudnitz, is persistent use of vision

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eosinophiles is present, we cannot be sure that some

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by Cornet. Dust gathered from various places, as hospital wards,

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role in the cure of chronic diarrhea. It is not enough to give

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4,500 whites, and a few normoblasts and megaloblasts.

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members, especially by those coming from a distance.

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for operation in head injuries, Dwight, E. W., 119; indications for opera-

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been the cause of innumerable hernias, and in these cases leaves

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in favor of a statutory provision designed to elim-

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that there are at least two tracts going up, carry-

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pernicious influence in the causation of child suicide, viz., the

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Sutherland (Medical Press, Jan. 28, 1903), the prognosis is good.

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parents are not compelled to give medicine to their minor chil-

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neum and pelvic wall. On following up the distended

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ical Journal, was said to be larger than one's fist,

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had lost considerable flesh, was markedly jaundiced

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General practitioner, disinfection and asepticism in

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