Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme

as a meeting place for important national societies.
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much unnecessary suffering, and be the means of saving many
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days extension of leave of absence from Aug. 30. Aug. 23,
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mental Medicine established some time ago by Dr. Welch of the
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Coughing from a Peculiarly Shaped Tumor of the Bight
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coated with flakes of fibrin. On withdrawing several
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of especial value in this connection. Cases of erysipelas and puer-
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powder, and scattered to the winds. In the light of this evidence
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an upstairs tenement near ocean in good hygienic sur-
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particularly valuable, owing to the fact that earlier
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vous system is of the nature of a diffuse degeneration, such as
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patient returned to his home in Missouri, and died from the
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Finally, M. Quenu brought before the society a special method
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Although uremia is a possible cause of death, it does
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This case is somewhat unusual, for I believe acute proctitis
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time to be selected for operation ; its dangers are
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his disciples to eat, even on the Sabbath ? Are Christian scientists
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way alone permits ample exeresis, and should be adopted when-
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it lies in the fact that it offers a certain bar to
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the classification into types, as the "bilious type,"
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necessary to save the mother's life, is plain, sim-
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not a necessary part of the infectious process, and
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ties in America, are thoroughly familiar with their conditions
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ment of rheumatism, recalls much past history. That this treat-
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June 15. Amount of bile diminished ; stools normal.
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either after a fracture of the skull or as a result
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frabulvic methods of reaching tumors, and other surgical lesions of the
the clinical showings in the disease, as a rule, and
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of, and extending beneath, the iliopsoas tendon. On the
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Brooklyn, N. Y., died on March 23 at the age of fifty-one.
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metry, without a license from which it shall be illegal to prac-
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deaths were due to this disease. The State and city are urged to

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