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Shaffer, N. M. The remittent limp of the first apparent stage of hip-
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better for the Spaniards to have had a congress of all Spanish-
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one except the county attorney. They spent five hours
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a half years before operation, and beginning- three years after the
dr. julian whitaker newsletter
lating and sunny climate, cheerful society, massage, and hydro-
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of one of the great evils of the age. This is purely a scientific
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hyperplastic, (2) fibrous, (3) colloid, (4) cystic,
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at Quebec, Canada, by Assistant Surgeon "W. C. Billings,
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An interesting case of Banti's disease is reported by Dr. Field
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that the left leg could not be used as well as formerly.
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In 16 cases both glands were attacked, in 15 the right, and in 13
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perature had dropped from 10o° to 104°; the tongue
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outside of the pauper department of the city, there
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Minots clinic Is subject to severe attacks of painful
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and Gardner 1 each. From scarlet fever. New York 29,
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studied criminals in jail and out the definition of
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heart's action is strengthened, being first slowed, and then becom-
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fourth state. We have seen that ordinary light is not substance,
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eye clear, except for small opacity near limbus down
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the treatment. Besides the multilocular, diverticular, chylous,
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it was slight ; in one case it was three-fourths of an
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than one per cent in hospitals devoted to their care, but not so in
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fisiting Surgeon to Worcester City Hospital, Worcester, tfass.
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fatty degeneration of the organs of the body, and the
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in trying to obey this first essential to success, he
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and that all the insane now confined in our asylums in whom can
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dr julian whitaker high blood pressure
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rectal inflammations, the emulsion in chronic cystitis, and the
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