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Upon the left arm was a typical vaccination lesion.
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meeting of the Society will be held on Tuesday, June 10, at
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using the intravenous route during the last seven years for the
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10 Roseinann : Der Einfluss des Alkohols auf den Eiweissstoff-
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April 1 6, 1903) has from his studies of this subject drawn the
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of recovery under exposure to escaping coal gas are
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the vaccination is the cause of this manifestation,
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fever 42, erysipelas 8, typhoid fever 34, whooping cough 11, fructose
by Junior Pharmacist F. Siedenburg, to proceed to Chi-
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Moody describes the method in the April number of the Bulletin
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an experiment to determine the pathologic condition. However,
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rhinitis. All that we can say of it is that it is a
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lest it produce collapse. Begin with a small dose (2 grains),
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the milk of the ass, the uterus of the hare, or the
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of this country on its discovery, who, legend tells us, were also in
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At a recent meeting of the London Pathological Society, A.
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the first year in a recognized medical college, provided that it is

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